A professional interior designer understands that high-quality design is about more than just the way things look- it’s also about practicality and function. If you really want to provide a great design service to your clients, you need to keep in mind that these desain spaces aren’t just meant to look beautiful- they need to be lived in and enjoyed.

One of the biggest things you’ll learn when studying professional interior design is that many untrained decorators struggle with things like layout. What winds up happening as a result of this, is that they often create spaces that have all the elements of a great design- a wonderful color scheme, thoughtfully selected furniture and corresponding decor- but these elements are impractically arranged in a way that doesn’t best suit the flow and feng shui of the space. With practice, you’ll be able to identify the best way to layout a floor plan in order to foster a livable, comfortable space for your clients to spend their days.

When it comes to designing a bedroom, especially one for adult clients, one of the best ways you can curate a more functional space is by creating one that fosters an environment for relaxation and rest. Surprisingly enough, there are actually some techniques you can try out in your bedroom designs that are reported to encourage a deeper, sounder sleep.