Get To Learn More About Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta Barat

Education for young learners comes in varying programs and points, which can make every school seem different and unique. It is where learning about the school should be the first key to consider, such as getting to know about Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta Barat. It is one of the best school options for Jakarta. But to ensure the idea here is some key to learning about the institute. 

Curriculum Used In The School 

The curriculum is the backbone, the foundation, and the key to learning development or activities in every school. For a preschool in Jakarta, the bar of the standard is pretty high. That is why Global Sevilla tries to up the game with the international curriculum made by Fieldwork education from the UK. The curriculum is IEYC or international early-year curriculum. 

It is part of the early year foundation stage of Global Sevilla since it fits with the institute’s purpose of developing a more personal education. IEYC also focuses on six areas of learning and development, as well as creating more attractive and fun learning. It can be a good sign for parents since an international curriculum improves the recognition and quality of the school. 

Learning Focuses 

Many schools use the traditional curriculum and focus only on the academic outcome. For a young learner, the ideal assessment and focus should be development. Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta Barat capture the idea and use IEYC in its education. That is why the school focus on cognitive, physical, communication, literature, creativity, and knowledge of the world. 

Available Programs 

Not every school can offer a thorough education for the different age groups. Global Sevilla takes a measure in creating a thorough and complete education by providing five preschool and kindergarten school programs. The program is available for children as young as 1.5 years old to the oldest class in kindergarten 2 at the age of six years old. 


As said in the name, Global Sevilla is one of the recommended preschools you can find in Jakarta Barat. The exact location is at Puri Indah, where the Preschool Jakarta Barat offers its best learning and facilities. But, Global Sevilla preschool is also situated in East Jakarta or Jakarta Barat. The exact location is Pulo mas. The two campuses are meant to expand their services. 

It is best to see that every school has its ways of providing the best education for its students. In preschool or kindergarten classes, parents should understand at least the curriculum, focuses, programs, and location. Global Sevilla is a good example of international preschool education. If you are looking for the best learning, check out Global Sevilla no.